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Microsoft and Cisco Consulting

We are a full service IT shop specializing in technology solutions for companies with 5 to 500 users.

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Managed Service Provider

As a dedicated managed service provider we are committed to providing the best service and support to our clients.

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Training Solutions

We have Microsoft Certfied Trainers on Staff to help you meet all your training needs.


For years the top Fortune 500 companies have used call centers to handle IT support services for their company wide operations. These helpdesks work in concert with IT staff to maintain systems throughout the environment regardless of location.  It is this type of planned approach that yields more uptime for these companies and their end users.

Our helpdesk system applies the same philosophy in a scaled down version meant to fit your small business. Just like the big companies we monitor and manage your systems 24 x 7. We make communcation of your support needs simple with phone, email, and a web based ticketing system available. 

We fulfill the role of in house IT staff as well as providing a helpdesk to centralize your IT support solution.  We also provide location independent support giving you more flexibility and freedom to run your business.  The following video highlights some of the benefits of working with a managed service provider.

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Managed Services

Wondering when your network will break again and how long you will be down this time? Our managed solutions can keep you running 24x7 without the headaches.

As a dedicated managed service provider we are committed to provide the best support and customer service to every customer. If you don’t see a plan here that fits your needs give us a call. We can customize a plan today to fit your business.

Fixed Monthly Price With No Extras N/A Yes Yes
24x7x365 Help Desk Portal Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support During Business Hours Yes Yes Yes
24x7x365 Network Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Preventative Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Discounted Remote Support (M-F 8-5) $110/hr N/A N/A
Discounted Onsite Support (M-F 8-5) $110/hr $100/hr N/A
Unlimited Remote Support (M-F 8-5) N/A Yes Yes
Unlimited Onsite Support (M-F 8-5) N/A N/A Yes
Project Rates (M-F 8-5) $110/hr $100/hr $85/hr
Server Monitoring $75 $350 $500
Workstation Monitoring $25 $50 $75
Routers, Switches, Firewall Monitoring $25 $50 $75
Network Printer Monitoring $10 $20 $25

Business Continuity

220px-BCPLifecycleBusiness continuity planning is the process or methodology by which operations can continue despite an adverse event such as hardware failure, fire, flood, or theft.  This is often the most overlooked and under budgeted part of many small and medium business IT systems.  We have a simple mandate that every company can apply to their business continuity and backup strategy for guaranteed success.

Our backup philosophy - "The only good backup is one that you perform daily, store offsite, and test regularly."

In lay terms this means you should run a backup every day that your business is open.  A copy of the backup should be stored offsite by either cloud storage or physically taking the backup device offsite.  Lastly the backup should be tested on a regular monthly schedule at a minimum.

The current IT landscape offers a variety of methods that you can use to backup your data.  Shown below are the most popular methods.

  • Removable storage devices including USB, eSata, Firewire, and Thunderbolt - (Good)
  • Cloud based backup - (Better)
  • Purpose built Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) appliances - (Best)

There is no one size fits all strategy for backup and disaster recovery.